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At Hardware & Fastening Solutions we offer many value added services.  Please see the services we offer described below:


 Consignment Inventory Management


At Hardware & Fastening Solutions, we provide many different inventory management options.  Consignment inventory management, what we call our "Smart Inventory Management" program is widely used by our manufacturing customers because of its flexibility.  Here is how it works:  

  • An HFS representative stops by your business to assess the situation and decide what shelving and bin setups would best fit your needs.  Every customer has different needs so we go the extra mile to ensure a customer that what they are going to be set-up with is going to maximize effiiciency and keep costs at a minimum
  • The shelving is then filled with a measured amount of product, usually based on useage reports for a period of time.  
  • There are virtually no start-up costs involved with our "Smart Inventory Management" program.  That is because the product provided to you is not billed out until it is used
  • The customer is either set up with a scanning gun or a salesperson stops by to take an order.  The scanning gun is used to deduct inventory by scanning the barcode on the bin and putting in the quantity of product that was taken out of the bin.  It then automatically bills you for that product and sends an order to our main office so that the depleted product can be shipped out and the stock replenised.  A salesperson would perform the same action that a scanning gun would except that a salesman can then look over the rest of the stock and take inventory, further reducing margin for error
  • It is a never ending cycle, a cycle that ensures that your production facility or assembly line is never out of the critical products that keep them moving, maximizing efficiency and keeping costs at a minimum


Vendor Managed Inventory


Vendor managed inventory is a tried and true form of inventory management.  This too ensures that a customer will never be out of stock on critical items.  Instead of tying up valuable time let us take care of your inventory for you.  Here's how it works:

  • An HFS salesperson stops by your business to assess the situation and the proper shelving and equipment is shipped to you and set up with inventory
  • A schedule that is tailored to your needs is put in place for a salesperson to come by and take orders on depleted stock
  • The order is either shipped or delivered and arrives the next business day after the salesperson takes the stock order
  • Quick turnaround from our efficient warehouse means that you are never out of stock on items that will keep your assembly line moving or your equipment on the road




We provide our customers with kittings services so that their production line is not tied up packaging fasteners.  This services saves you money by not having to employ the necessary workforce to do that task, we do it for you.  Please see the types of kitting we provide listed below:

  • We can package almost anything.  We can take a number of components that are used to assemble a product and put them in one bag with your label and product number on it or simply package bags or boxes of one item that are shipped out with your products
  • We also can kit in plastic bins assortments of products with your labels and your product choices






Our product packages already come with barcodes on the packages making it easy for customers who use our scanning guns to manage their inventory, to check it in.  This saves time by simply scanning a barcode and adding it to their inventory rather than entering it in part # by part #.  Our barcoding system makes it easy for customers to manage their inventory, guaranteeing that the right product is shipped becase there is less margin for error.









Private Labeling


Want to ensure that you are preserving the identity of your brand?  Let us design a custom label that is tailored to your needs.  We can put barcodes, logos, part numbers, pictures and much more on our labels.  This has helped many of our manufacturing customers preserve the identity of their brand.  Contact us today to get started with your custom labels today! 



Custom Manufacturing


Hardware & Fastening Solutions partners with many different manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality products.  We can have products that aren't on the shelf manufactured by our US manufacturing partners or have products produced overseas for direct mill shipments.  Companies come to us, and if it is not an off-the-shelf product we can have it competitively quoted with quick turnaround.  Contact us today at 877-277-7640 or email us your request by going to the Request A Quote page on our website.


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